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Let's look at the Three Main Areas of
    "Home Contractor Project Cost"
Construction Contract
This is the actual cost of our Fixed Price Contract to build the house. Your Construction Contract will include an Addendum that will define the level of certain allowances. Think of an allowance as a "gift certificate" that you can shop for specific items to go into your new home. Items such as flooring, cabinets, lighting and plumbing fixtures are some of the areas that are typically covered by allowances. At the end of the job, we do a list of debits and credits against the contracted amounts of the allowances. Any allowances not fully used are deduct from the Contract Price and any overages are billed as an extra to the Contract.
Site Costs
These are the costs that you will incur during the project which typically ARE NOT part of the construction Contract for the house itself. These costs include surveying, lot clearing, driveway and walkways, lawn and shrubs, septic field (if aplicable), utility hook-ups...In other words, everything that is happening OUTSIDE of the house. If you so desire, these items can be included in the Contract on an allowance basis.
These are the costs associated with the design and pre-construction phase of
home building. These costs are also not included in the construction contract
and will be billed to you directly by the Architect or Engineer associated with
your home construction. However, Eagle River Construction can select an
architect for you and manage your entire project from the designing through the home building phases. Our Standard Specifications include such items an
engineered floor systems for stiffer, studier floors and constructing all interior
walls with 2x4s at 16" on center (not 2 feet). There are many additional items
such as these that define our quality home building standards.
Architect & Engineering Costs
At Eagle River Construction, you talk and we listen. You tell us your needs, wants, financial requirements and style of home to fulfill your vision, and we will transform that information into a reality -
                             Your Custom Built Dream Home !
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