Home elevations will prevent further water damage from floodwaters
     Never assume that a water-damaged house is safe. There may be electrical, structural and biological hazards from the mold and mildew that may be present after the floodwaters recede.
When a house is properly elevated, the living area will be above all but the most severe floods. This will avoid future severe weather damage. Several elevation techniques are available.
     In general, they involve lifting the house and building a new, or extending the existing, foundation below it. During the elevation process, most frame, masonry veneer, and masonry houses are separated from their foundations, raised on hydraulic jacks, and held by temporary supports while a new or extended foundation is constructed below. The living area is raised and only the foundation remains exposed to flooding. When houses are lifted with this technique, the new or extended foundation can consist of either continuous walls or separate piers, posts, columns, or pilings. In fact, numerous contractors throughout the United States regularly perform this work. Eagle Rive Construction is one of these companies.