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    We know that building a new home is quite a venture for anyone. There are probably a
     lot of questions that you would  like to have answered before you select your contractor.
     We have listed below a few “answers” to anticipated questions:

1.  We have completed many projects in the last 15 years.

2.  We can assist you with engineering, lot clearing, septic systems and
       wells for new homes.

3.  We work with you to help customize your house plans/drawings.

4.  We do not ask for a deposit for your new home. We bill on a draw
       schedule based on work completed.

5.  Our contract has allowances for your new home on items such as
      kitchens, flooring, lot clearing, septic systems. For example, if the
      price of your flooring selections is less than your flooring allowance,
      we credit the remaining allowance to your contract.  If, however, go
      over budget on your flooring selections, this will be  charged as an
      “extra” to your contract.

6.  You may review our standard contract documents.

7.  We accept construction projects in Westmoreland County, Virginia; Northumberland County,
      Virginia; Lancaster County, Virginia; Richmond County, Virginia; and Essex County, Virginia.

8.  Our office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday and Sat. 8-1.
       appointment.  We can be reached by phone, fax or e-mail.  
       Tel - 804.529.5700   Fax - 804.529.7171   Email - Info@EagleRiverConst.com

9.  We are proud to provide references from not only homeowners, but suppliers and
       subcontractors as well.

10.  We can meet any home construction design demand given to us.

11.  We will be delighted to show you some of the custom built homes we have constructed and that
        are currently under construction.

Whether you choose a Traditional home, Victorian home, Contemporary home or Cottage style home, EAGLE RIVER CONSTRUCTION can build
your Dream Home.